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The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) has announced that it is canceling or suspending nationally conducted USBC events for the remainder of 2020, due to COVID-19 safety concerns. The next tournament is currently scheduled for April 18-July 3, 2021. Please visit for further information and updates.
In conjunction with the USBC, the National 600 Club has canceled our Annual Meeting originally scheduled for April 28, 2020. As further information develops, a decision will be made for rescheduling this meeting at a later date.
The National 600 Club Annual Tournament will continue in conjunction with the USBC Women's Championships and will resume in 2021.
It's a shame that our events have been disrupted this year but I look forward to resuming all of our great National 600 Club activities in 2021. Please, everyone stay safe.
Thank you,
Pam McKay
National 600 Bowling Club
 2021 National 600 Club Mail-O-Graphic Tournament Announced - Rules and entry details are listed below. Sign-up today to join in the FUN!  
National 600 Bowling Club
The National 600 Bowling Club, Inc. is a nonprofit and independent organization comprising USBC members who have bowled a 3-game series of 600 or more in USBC sanctioned league or tournament competition. The club was organized in 1948 and during the 2020-2021 season will be celebrating over seventy years as an organization supporting women bowlers. (Learn more about our rich history!)

We are referred to by USBC as an affiliate or allied organization. Membership is applied for through the Secretary-Treasurer by sending a local association verified application. An application form can be found on this site (see Membership for more information)

Click here
to see the 600 Club items that you can receive with your membership. Dues are $15.00 for a lifetime card and emblem and for an additional $5.00, you may purchase a pin. Currently, there are over 400,000 members in our organization. Included are members of the PWBA as well as members of the WIBC/USBC board and WIBC/USBC Hall of Fame inductees. While most are from the United States, there are members from Canada, Finland and Puerto Rico making us truly an international organization.

We strive for accomplishments both on and off the lanes and promote bowling fellowship and esprit de corps. We invite you to join us in our elite bowling organization.

Plans for the 2021 Annual Tournament at Stardust Bowl in Addison, Illinois have been announced. Check our website for dates and event categories. E-mail Ann Splettstaszer, Secretary/Treasurer, to have your entry form completed, or you may enter at the National 600 table at the tournament site.

The 70th Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 28, 2020, was canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Please check website for any future updates.

The Mail-O-Graphic Tournament is a fun way that the National 600 Club kicks-off every year for our members. The 2021 tournament will be held from January 24th through February 13th, 2021. A special incentive award will be given for the State 600 Club with the most entries. Click here for this year's 2020 Tournament Results.

This fun tournament has been growing with more entrants every year and we want to recognize the states who have the most participants. Here are the top five states for the 2020 tournament:

North Dakota71
New York63

Want to see how your state ranked? Click here to view entry results by state for the past few years. Help get the word out for the 2021 MOG Tournament and see your state move up in the rankings!

Rules and entry forms for the 2021 MOG Tournament are available on this site. Click here for more details. Get your entry in early to be a part of this exciting event!



Membership Fee for card, emblem and pin is now $20.00,
 but fee for card and emblem alone remains at $15.00.
 Our EMAIL Address & Phone Number Have Changed
 The new e-mail is:
 The new phone number is: (701)718-9174
 Effective immediately