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The National 600 Bowling Club Officers
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Phyllis Eagar

Oracle, Arizona
Phyllis was appointed to the Board in 1996 as a Director and became the Club's Sergeant-At-Arms in 2008. In 2019, she was appointed as Vice President and in May, 2021, assumed the presidency. She is responsible for the design of the Club's Tournament Participation Pin. Phyllis is a member of the Tucson USBC WBA and was inducted into their Hall of Fame, the Arizona USBC WBA Hall of Fame and the Pima County Sports Hall of Fame.
Vice President
Debra Kent

Searcy, AR
Debra was appointed as Vice President in May, 2021, after serving as a Director since 2020. She started bowling in 1982 and became a National 600 Club member in 1999. Debra became a director on the Arkansas State 600 club board in 2006. She has served in positions from league secretary, to association secretary of Searcy WBA, and Association President, as well as Youth Director. Debra held director for Central Arkansas WBA and Arkansas State WBA. She is certified as a LEVEL I Coach. Going through the mergers with the WIBC & ABC, she has never backed down on a challenge. Currently, Debra serves as local Vice President Central Arkansas USBC, Director for the Arkansas State USBC, as well as many committees from fund raisers to tournament director of the Theresa Kelone Memorial Tournament. With a passion for bowling, she always looks for a way to support the sport.

Ann Splettstaszer

P.O. Box 34
Davenport, ND 58021
Ph (701)718-9174
Ann joined the National 600 Club 34 years ago and at the 2012 Annual Meeting, she was elected Director #1. Due to the retirement of the previous Secretary, Ann was appointed Secretary/Treasurer by the President to complete the term of this office, beginning August 1, 2012. Ann currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer for the North Dakota 600 Club. She is currently serving as a director on the North Dakota State USBC. Ann bowls in three leagues and has served as President and Secretary-Treasurer of leagues. She is also in the North Dakota WBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance & the Fargo-Moorhead WBA Hall of Fame.

Darlene Webb

Tucson, Arizona
Darlene has served as Director #2 since 2008 and was appointed Sergeant-At-Arms in 2019 to fill a vacancy. She has served on the Nominating Committee for 7 years, acting as Chair during four of those years. She has been a member of the Arizona 600 Club and the Tucson 600 Club. Darlene is a 30 year member of the Tucson USBC WBA and is a past Sergeant-At-Arms and member of the Arizona USBC WBA. In addition to these positions, Darlene has served on many committees for her local association.
Director #1
Barbara Elkins

Odessa, Florida
Barbara was appointed Director #1 on the National 600 Board in 2013. She has been a member of the 600 Club for 29 years. Served as Director on Tampa 600 Club for 1 year, currently serving as President of Tampa 600 Club and has been President for 17 years. Barbara is currently serving as 3rd Vice President of the Florida State 600 Club. She is a 48 year member of the Tampa USBC/TWBA, and has served on many committees for her local association. Barbara has served as National Delegate at conventions for 17 years and was awarded the President of Year award in 2004. She was inducted into the Greater Tampa USBC Hall of Fame in 2008.
Director #2
Ann Block

Taylor, MI
Ann has been a member of the National 600 Bowling Club since 1982. She served on several committees for the club before being appointed to the board in 2019. Ann serves as the secretary/treasurer of the Detroit 600 Club and she bowls annually in the Michigan 600 Club Tournament. Ann is currently a director on the Metro Detroit USBC, First Vice President of the Michigan State USBC, and is a board member for the International Bowling Media Association. Ann bowls twice a week and serves her league as treasurer. When Ann graduated from youth leagues she became an active certified coach, youth director, and local youth committee member where she still serves as chairman.
Director #3 VACANT
Life Member
Jae Etcheverry

Rancho Palos Verdes,
Jae served as Vice President of the National 600 Club and has prior service as Second Vice President and Director, being first appointed to the Board in 1985. She joined the National, California State and Los Angeles 600 Clubs in April 1963. She was inducted into the Los Angeles WBA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 1989, and is a Charter and Honorary Life Member of the South Bay 600 Club which began in 1975.
Life Member
Nancy Folden

Memphis, Tennessee
Nancy served as the National 600 Club Secretary-Treasurer from 1966 to 1984 and was elected a Life Member of the National 600 Club in 1986. She continues to be active with the Club, attends Board and Annual Meetings regularly and serves as the Club's Registered Agent. Nancy is a MWBA Life Member, Memphis Area USBC Life Member and Hall of Fame Member, and Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame Member. Nancy has bowled in 57 Championship Tournaments through 2018 and placed 2nd in the 1976 WIBC Division 1 Singles. She has bowled in 50 Tennessee State Tournaments and was a part of winning teams in 1969 and 1973. Nancy served in the U.S. Air Force from 1949 to 1951.
Life Member
Pam McKay

Jackson, New Jersey
Pam assumed the Presidency of the National 600 Club in 1985 after serving as a Director. She served the club as President for 36 years. She became a member in 1968 and became a member of the board in 1981. She is a Sgt-at-Arms of the NJS Bowling Council. Pam served many positions, including NJSW 600 Club President, Raritan 600 Director and Sgt-at-Arms, Somerset-Hunterdon Director, and NJS YABA President. All positions held were for the love of the sport and our members. Pam is a member of the Morris County USBC and NJSW USBC and the Tucson Metro USBC. Served on the YABA Educational Committee and was a Chaperone for the National YBC Tournament. Pam served in the United States Navy as a Corpsman and is a member of the Somerset-Hunterdon Hall of Fame and Life Member of the NJSW 600 Club.
Members Emeritae  
Joyce Deitch
Las Vegas, NV
Jackie Freeman
Maumee, OH
Connie Schedler
Stevensville, MI
Kay Turner
Shreveport, LA
Joyce VanZandt
Princeton, LA


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